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WLAP 1960s DJ Profiles
Presented here are copy and photos from station publicity sheets
for some of WLAP's '60s Air Personalities

Nick Clooney
6 to 9 A.M. Monday thru Saturday

In Show Biz, some names stand out.

Like Clooney.

Here in Kentucky we are a little more aware of the Clooneys. First of all, they were born here and have always maintained their ties with the Bluegrass State. Rosemary this year is Kentucky's "Ambassadress of Goodwill" and Betty came back for a full week in July as a guest DJ on WLAP while brother Nick was on vacation.

But while Betty and Rosemary have left for Miami and Hollywood, Nick has come back to the Bluegrass. And, if we're lucky, he may decide to stay for a long while.

Presently, Nick hosts WLAP's morning show from 6 to 9 A.M. He gets a lot of help from two morning newsmen and a U.S. weatherman who goes on "Live" at 6:30 and 8:15. But aside from these reports, Nick is all by himself with his imagination, personality and (oh yes) his bright, happy music.

WLAP has been Nick's home since 1957. He came here from Hollywood, where he did some acting and even got several film credits.

One of Mr. C's most interesting stints was with the AFN in Germany. There he turned the night show on AFN into one of the most listened-to in Europe. Bags of mail from all over the continent was a daily occurrence.

To add a little pizzazz to the story, sister Rosemary tells about the time she went to London to perform at one of the classiest joints in town. She wasn't too well-known there at the time, and when she checked into the hotel the clerk noticed the signature on the guest register. With a sudden interest he asked Rosemary, "By the way, are you any kin to the Clooney chap on AFN? He has quite a following here in England."

Rosemary doesn't recall exactly what her reaction was, other than mild shock.

Futures in radio and TV never are very certain. Nick seems to have found his niche with WLAP, though. Most people in Kentucky are happy about it.

Fred Gooding
9:00 A.M. to 12 Noon Monday thru Saturday

WLAP's philosophy - part of it anyway - is to hire seasoned pros, and then turn them loose on the air. Give them the best news department in the area, and a bight, happy music policy, but then let their own personalities take over from there.

Fred Gooding took us literally at this personality development business.

It's now that we're sad about it. On the contrarily, Fred and his cast of characters (Captain Show Biz, Irma Schroeder, Gomer the Frog) get talked about as much as the Mayor of Lexington. And when people all over town start talking about your station and your personalities then you know you're on top.

Fred's show is one enormous gas from beginning to end. He spoofs anything, usually everything. His humor is often subtle, but his corn is pure corn done tongue-in-cheek. He pokes a lot of fun at himself, too.

Sometimes whole intersections get the giggles as they listen to Fred on their car radios.

Fred Gooding is a real nut, so most of this stuff comes natural. But a first rate show isn't always adlibbed. Fred - like other daytime DJs at WLAP - is on the air only three hours. The rest of the time he's expected to be working on his show. Fred takes this side of his job very seriously: There isn't a joke book he hasn't read, never a time a spoken funny goes un-noted.

Does a funny-man have to speak with a squeaky voice? Not in Fred's case. Those polished, low-cycle tones just flow, man!

Like, Crazy - The Fred Gooding Show.

Herb Kent
12 noon to 3 P.M. Monday thru Saturday

There are some radio stations that "give away" their early afternoon time. They seem to think that they should go easy - sort of like taking a siesta.

In fact, our problem is to keep Herb from being too gay and happy - too zippy for an afternoon audience. Fortunately, though, the listeners enjoy being entertained, rather than being put to sleep.

No sireee, WLAP's Herb Kent Show is famous around here because it's the only show that refuses to take the early afternoon lying down.

Herb's music is a well-selected mixture of the palatable Top 50 plus good, solid, up-tempo album cuts.

His patter is short and snappy, and his news is fast-paced and up-to-the-minute (thanks to WLAP's three local news hounds on duty during Herb's suaré.)

Advertisers have found the Herb Kent Show a good buy in the growing Lexington market. Herb doesn't put his listeners to sleep with his commercials, but he doesn't shout at them either. He's just enthusiastic about what he's doing - and what he's selling.

Reynolds Large
3 to 5 P.M. Monday thru Saturday

Reynolds Large is a byword in Lexington radio.

And why not?

His voice has been filling the air in Lexington for the past 15 years, with a two year interruption as the of host WLW Radio's "Music For You" show.

But it's more than habit. Reynolds is the real Pro in this market. His voice, his timing, his music, his wit and general conversational ability make Reynolds Large stand out in the minds of listeners.

We could talk all day about his talent and the way he uses it to great advantage, but we really should mention the OTHER things Reynolds brings into his 6-day drive-time extravaganza. Reynolds' constant companion is his Wonder Dog "King." WLAP's Airborne Traffic Watch with Flying Officer Don Duckworth is Kentucky's only such regularly scheduled report (every 15 minutes during drive time). Our five-man news staff with complete mobile unit broadcast facilities drops in every half hour with headlines and at unscheduled times with bulletins. And then, there is the cast of characters which appears with one- and two-line funnies. These gems are carefully plucked from old radio serials of the 1940s.

It all gets the gourmet's touch, and comes out smelling like a rose.

Listeners pay attention to the Reynolds Large Show.

Billy Love
6:40 P.M. to 12 Midnight Monday thru Saturday

Billy Love is the biggest thing to hit Nighttime Radio in Lexington for years.

Let us explain.

Billy - an all-state footballer in high school - is 6'7", and usually weighs about 325. So already kids are talking about the Fat Man, the World's Biggest DJ. But would you believe it - he has red hair!

That's only a start.

Billy and his companion Eggbert are the toast of teenage Kentucky. Billy has drawn more mail than any other DJ in Lexington radio history. He has drawn bigger in-town sock hop crowds than any other local or regional radio personality, and he commands the attention and the respect of the vast popular music audience every night.

Billy's LOVE LINE keeps a full time operator busy on the station switchboard during the entire time period he's on, and even then people complain that they can't get the line to make their requests. This problem gets even worse in the fall when over 20,000 college students in the immediate area come back to school. And let's face it - these spenders dig the fourth "B" (Beatles) more than they go for the first three (Beethoven, Brahms and Bach).

To add to our problems, Billy is a first rate Pro - both as an announcer and as a producer - and he works hard at his show when he's not on the air.

Please! If somebody can tell us how to handle all of this popularity, get in touch immediately.


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